Super Sneaky | Great New Products – Summer 2018
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Great New Products – Summer 2018

Great New Products – Summer 2018

It’s SPRING in Canada and over the winter we have been hard at work coming up with numerous new and different parts and garage door accessories for Home Owners and Professional Garage Door Installers,  dealing with any number of various job situations, from front mount torsion which requires 12″ above the height of the door,

here’s a sample video of what that looks like in action :

Then we have what we call header mount – The Garage Door operates under the door jamb, but the spring assembly is mounted to the header.

Below is a photo of a kit I’m currently shipping out to a US Installer.

Below is a video of my prototype door, with the first of the new Garage Door Hardware in action.

This is a project we are just finishing.

What is very unique about this one – we took the job, not knowing if I could pull it off – as you can see it does work and works very well,

The Garage Door is 15 x 7, there is 3″ between top of the door and underside of the header, I have only 5″ of interior headroom. 

It is a single track, with a rear mounted spring set up, draw bar operator, the door thickness will be 4 1/4″ thick once clad.

At Super Sneaky we have made a signifiant improvement with a one piece steel rail design, which has a integrated 6″ steel pully we machine ourselves and will carry an estimated 2000 lbs each.  

There are many different ways going about these jobs … usually they get clad on site, which poses additional problems of unknown weight factor.  I do have a spring solution for this, also know working on a simple counter weight system that works with the springs so it will be easier to fine tune on site, the idea – eliminate an extra trip.  

You R.O. for all the different setups is now 6″ wider than the finished door.  12″ for front mount torsion, minimum of 3″ between top of the door to underside of the header. 

Depending on interior headroom, you would do the header or rear mount springs.  

We have started retailing our kits for $2800 … WE also do the consultation.

The other part which is happening now and also easier is putting out a finished custom door, which simplifies the springing.  If you take a closer look at the video I sent, which is a 16 x 8 Garage Door, I purposely used a Genie Rela G 850 operator which is a low end light duty unit more for lite little single doors, it has been going since 2012.

… just wanted to prove that if the door is balanced well, it doesn’t take a whole lot to move it.  I even have certain spring wire I use, also have a spring wind technique, which seems to be working nicely.  

This has been a challenging exercise of constant trial and error, it is complicated and there is a learning curve … We are one one of the FEW companies who design and manufacture these types of components.

Improvements are made on a continuous basis and our resource of information is continually expanding from the feedback we get from our dealer network in Canada and the US.

We are now working on a simple residential version of the tandem operator set up.  

Stay Tuned as we refine and improve our current line of Garage Door products and services.

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