Super Sneaky | Super Sneaky Flushmount Garage Doors
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Super Sneaky Flushmount Garage Doors

Super Sneaky Flushmount Garage Doors

Flushmount garage doors, are garage doors whereby the outside face if flush with the exterior wall of a building. They can be clad with the buildings exterior materials so they appear to be part of the buildings wall system, or make a statement with your personal moving work of art. What makes our system unique is that our doors close against an overlapping door jamb, so there is a full perimeter weather seal.

The system was also borne from our core business of low headroom garage door hardware.

So the basic operating system itself has been around since 1998. It has been industry and time tested, we not only comply with UL 325 safety codes we take it to new levels, due to the way the Super Sneaky’s re-direct some of a drawbar operators energy force harmlessly to the top panel instead of all the energy force going to the bottom pinch point.

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