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Super Sneaky Flushmount Garage Door System  – After many years of development, we are pleased to be launching our latest application for Super Sneaky low headroom garage door hardware, the Super Sneaky flushmount garage door system.

Flush mount garage door system developed by super sneaky has allowed our designers to radically change the appearance of a traditional garage door rendering it virtually invisible when closed. Super Sneaky hardware is vital in facilitating that conversion and has helped us with several incredible design projects.
Designer/ Architect - Brian Salvers

Flushmount Garage Doors

We have two different design styles … ones that operate between the jamb, under the header, the other closes against a jamb and has internal weather seal system, depending on your climate and building code zone areas. Along with 2 different types of springing methods, depending on how much headroom you have.

Super Sneaky is an industry leader for low headroom garage door applications, we have better, safer, cost effective and more innovative low headroom applications than other low headroom hardware system on the market, we are always striving to improve ourselves. The Super Sneaky Flushmount garage door application is just another example of that.

We are looking to partner with Architects and designers, garage door installers, contractors, custom door builders or anyone wanting a flushmount garage door. Consultation, tech support, marketing opportunities, all a free service we provide as our personal commitment to our customers. We now ship world wide, international customers more than welcome contacting us with your project.


Contact Super Toll Free : 1800-713-6166 or 1-519-750-4956

Flushmount Information

At Supersneaky we have extensive experience with Flush Mount Garage door systems. Growing in popularity throughout North America, Supersneaky has work on numerous project ranging in size and scope. Contact us for more information about Flushmount Systems for your next design project.